With over more than 2.2 million apps on the app store in 2017, and 2.5 million on Google Play store, the numbers are quite staggering and are on the increase on a daily basis. So how do you go about making sure that people are going to purchase your app. sitting around and hoping for the bet is not really an option? You need to make a smart business strategy to market your app and ensure it gets the success which it deserves.

Online presence is a must

You need to be on the internet. Your app needs a website. If you don’t have a web presence how can you expect people to know about your app. The app should be a prominent feature on your website not some small logo enclosed within the corner where it doesn’t garner any attention.

Social media presence

Promoting your app on social media is a smart option. The more hashtags your app appears in, the better are your chances of having people to get to know about your app. You can have an organic presence on the web. This can be done by creating a Facebook page and creating a Twitter or Instagram profile. There is also an option for paid promotions. Research has proved that putting up some money behind your app can help it become discoverable to quite an extent. So make sure you invest a few bucks to reap the rewards which come later on.

Working on public relations

You need to hold a press meet if you could afford it. It’s a great way to advertise your app without going overboard. You can even hold an app launch and invite a few guests in business similar to the ones which your app could cater to. Holding a meet and greet for bloggers and vloggers. Never underestimate them as they have a great fan following which could do wonders for your app promotion.

Making use of app store optimisation

This is considered as the SEO for app stores. With a market which is already overloaded with new apps on a daily basis, making use of ASO is a must. So how do you go about doing that? First of all choose a catchy name for your app. Know about the right keywords and screenshots and videos for the usability of your app.

Registering at Search Ads

With the launch of iOS 10, the App store allows you to place an advertisement for your app. This I a pretty straight forward marketing strategy and one which would help your app go places too.

Making use of traditional advertising

You need to provide users with the right incentives to download your app. If you are a retail store, allowing people to download your app and then offering a reward for it would go a long way.

Promoting your app isn’t difficult I you make use of the above mentioned strategies. Just make sure that the quality of the app is such that people are happy to use it. To learn more about mobile app developers based in Melbourne, click here.