Australia is just isn’t the center of attention for its rising prices in property but most investors also look to invest in cark parks. There is a visible lack of parking space, it’s a known fact that the cost of car parks is going to rise as well.

Last year a car park of about 26 meters in the Chimes building was auctioned off for a whopping $264000. It is also thought as one of the most expensive parking places in Australia.

Also there is new research that an hour long paring in Brisbane can be the most expensive when compared to anywhere else in Australia. In Sydney the average parking can cost anywhere around $27 an hour and in Melbourne about $19 an hour.

For people who are looking for short term parking were they simply require to pop in and ut in a few minutes, these prices can be pretty nerve wrecking. This is why most people often prefer watching movies and having dinners in the suburb rather than spending tie in the CBD and paying exorbitant sums for parking only.

Early booking may help you save some cash

The following can actually help you save up on parking fees

Make use of apps which allow you to find spaces which offer better parking prices

Check out the rates offered by other parking companies and save up to 50%

Most customers prefer booking parking spaces online to save money and some even have regular monthly parking spots.

Be smart and make sure you use the above mentioned tips to help save up on parking fee.

So what actually adds up to the problem?

According to the experts, the lack of parking for Melbourne CBD is one of the biggest challenges - Get more info about Melbourne Central parking. This is why the city’s council advisees most of its worker to travel by public transport. Though most people still prefer taking their vehicles, it can add a great deal to the congestion and creates problems.

One option is to approach people living in different buildings to allow people to park their cars when they are not using it themselves. This might help but isn’t enough to actually tackle the problem of rising parking fee.

Often it’s so difficult to find Melbourne parking within the inner city that you may be driving well over an hour looking for parking space.

Tough the council has provided a fifteen minute parking option, it has helped ease the burden a little but not a great deal.

People are obsessed with talking about the rising car parking fees and it’s not funny at all. Some people say that its often cheaper to secure an all-day parking because the fees tends to fall after a four hour time period.

However what should be kept in mind is that CBD parking is always going to be a great deal more expensive. This is why there are transport strategies across Australia which aims at encouraging people to make use of public transport.

The parking rates in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide are more than the parking rates anywhere else - Learn more about Brisbane Parking before you travel. The only way to avoid paying exorbitant parking fees is to use Wilson Parking when you travel.